Guyana ranks 118 out of 187 on the human development index

Dear Editor,

I have grown up with the understanding and belief that self-preservation is the first law of nature. Hence, I am certain that just like me, other citizens are alarmed that Guyana (according to the human-development report is only ranked 118 out of 187 countries. And of course, the PPP/C cannot blame anyone else for this low rating, because that party has administered the government since 1992.

Editor, that is why I was calling for this year’s national budget to be based on finding solutions to Guyana’s multi-dimensional poverty index which measures deprivations in health, education and living standards.

The UN Development report estimates that 7.7% of Guyanese live in conditions of multidimensional poverty, which could affect the life expectancy at birth of Guyanese, as well as our adult mortality rate. Guyana currently lies below the regional average of the Latin American and Caribbean region, and stakeholders should increase pressure on the government to maintain and sustain socio-economic interventions, in order to improve that average.

Yours faithfully,
Morris Wilson

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