Trotman should provide information to the police

Dear Editor,
In his presentation to the National Assembly during the debates on the 2013 budget speech, WPA representative in the APNU Demond Trotman, said: “People out there see the PPP as a criminal cabal to be dismantled.”

At the conclusion of Mr Trotman’s presentation I rose and objected to this sordid characterization of the PPP on the ground that impliedly, to describe the PPP as a “criminal cabal” would mean that PPP MPs are involved in criminal activities and therefore should be prosecuted. The logical conclusion of this wicked, malicious and jaundiced expression is that PPP MPs ought not to be seated in the National Assembly. In this regard, I requested that Mr Trotman’s remarks be struck from the record or that they be withdrawn.  In response, the House was advised that Mr Trotman was simply “reporting what the people are saying and that the words were not his.”

Consequently, my remarks on the matter were noted for the record. I further requested that since Mr Trotman seemed supportive of the claim that the PPP is viewed as a “criminal cabal to be dismantled,” he should provide information on the matter to the police or that the police should be asked to visit him with a view to soliciting whatever information he might have on the matter.

Mr Trotman was so advised and the matter was left at that in so far as his privileges in the National Assembly are concerned.
I intend to follow up this matter with both Mr Trotman and the police.
Yours faithfully,
Clement J Rohee

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