Minibus drivers and conductors hold the public to ransom

Dear Editor,
It is sad to hear about the passenger who died after a scuffle with the conductor of a bus. What is the minibus association doing? These operators and conductors at the park, who hold the public to ransom, must be stopped. People in this country need to stand up for their rights, mark these buses and boycott them.

However, it is a rock and hard place as many Guyanese have no other means of transport. Year after year this situation gets worse. The minibus situation is out of control. What is the Transport Ministry doing? They need to step in and organise this sector. Minibus drivers and conductors come across as a very illiterate, unreasonable and unlawful group. They are ready to drive over you for $100. The younger they are the more arrogant the spirit.

We often hear of millions being plugged into diseases that may kill Guyanese, especially HIV. What are the figures for minibus road deaths last year? How many families have been affected by the ignorance of these operators?

Yes, they provide an important service, but at what cost? The Ministries of Home Affairs, Transport and Tourism please act and don’t issue another statement.
May the family of the deceased be
Yours faithfully,
Montgomery A Chester

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