The old must make way for the new

Dear Editor,

In November, 2011 the people spoke at the election. The PPP was given the presidency and a minority in Parliament while the opposition was given the majority, which now is a new dispensation.

When the PPP was given the mandate to govern as the majority they could present a budget and pass it without amendment, although with recommendations from the opposition. In 2012 the opposition saw that there were some breaches of accountability by the government, and after not giving proper answers the budget was cut. The government claimed that they had met with various stakeholders on the 2013 budget but failed to meet with the largest stakeholder, the opposition, before it was presented so as to give the budget a smooth passage.

The PPP/C government must know that it is a new dispensation now in governance and parliament;  the old must make way for the new.

The government minority cannot present a budget and want the majority opposition to endorse and pass what is wrong. This would make a mockery of parliament and give no role to the majority in parliament.

A government with a majority can present and pass its budget, but a minority government should not to have its budget passed by forcing the majority to accept the same.

The opposition should not support and pass government bills if the government does not assent to bills passed by the opposition.

Yours faithfully,
W Hope

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