Has the private sector tried to persuade the authorities to bring the fire hydrants back into operation?

Dear Editor,

From my observances in recent times, moreso after the budget cuts, executive members of both the Privates Sector Commission and the Chamber of Commerce have thrown down the gauntlet to the parliamentary opposition. I often wonder if these persons ever consider the average consumer whom they depend on heavily and who is responsible for their success or failure. Editor, I have one question for those gentlemen secure in their ivory towers, ie, what have they  achieved in terms of persuading the relevant authorities to bring into operation 90% of the fire hydrants in the capital and its environs in an effort to attract foreign investment?  Editor, the fire hydrant fiasco is totally unacceptable, in addition to which the efficient and hard-working firemen and firewomen in Guyana cannot and should not be expected to continue to perform miracles.

Yours faithfully,
Lloyd Davidson

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