NCN still showing misleading commercial on budget cuts

Dear Editor,

Whilst browsing the local channels on Sunday morning, 8th June, I paused at NCN to get a few laughs from ‘The Weekly Digest’ that was airing. During the commercial break, I noticed that they are still airing the misleading commercial about the 2013 Budget cuts and their so-called effects. I started to wonder if the budget cuts could really cause so much damage, and why they are wasting so much airtime to show propaganda that is of no interest to the public instead of producing programmes and commercials that would be of interest to the public like drug abuse, violence against women and children, AIDS awareness programmes ‒ especially those ads that they have been showing for years now.

Editor, my impression of the budget cuts is that they would make the government tighten up on overspending and wasting money on things that don’t serve any purpose.

There are many things that this government spends money on and to date no use has come from them. For example, for over seven years now there have been traffic lights at the Vreed-en-Hoop junction and they never worked an entire week and are still not working. At one intersection on Brickdam there are traffic lights which have never worked.

Now, if they decided that traffic lights are not needed at that point, why put them there in the first place? Is this not just more white elephant? Perhaps they could make a commercial on that because they are not producing anything of importance or interest to us, the viewing taxpayers.

Yours faithfully,
Sahadeo Bates

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