Action should be taken against those who hinder motorists by parking heavy-duty machinery on the parapets

Dear Editor,

In Stabroek News of Friday May 31,2013, Minister Rohee drew attention to and acknowledged two of the most egregious civic wrongs being committed on citizens with impunity: noise nuisance emanating from a music system, which assaults the hearing of helpless citizens; and the encumbrances created by heartless motorists who park their vehicles on the roadway and block active driveways/passageways making it difficult for the occupants to enter and leave their premises.

Minister Rohee is to be commended for setting in motion through the Commissioner of Police and Chief Fire Officer, action to rid the city of the scourge of these offenders who behave with impunity.

The Minister has urged the public to report noise nuisance by writing or using the telephone or texting the numbers given in the Stabroek News of May 30, 2013, on page 18.

However, I urge the Minister to add a third item to his menu of enforcement measures to assist in safety on the roadways.  I refer to those persons who colonise the city parapets as though they were part of their titled property by parking vehicles and machinery. They carry on their businesses every day in such a way as to create a hindrance to motorists using the roadway.  For example, I refer to the heavy duty trucks, mining machinery and equipment which are parked on both sides of the western carriageway of Croal Street at its junction with Camp Street, and which leave very little or no room for motorists to manoeuvre in an emergency.

Another example is in Peter Rose Street between Crown and Laluni Streets.  Two companies carry on their business on a daily basis parking their vehicles in such a way that they interfere with west-bound traffic in Laluni Street and hinder the full flow of traffic along Peter Rose Street.

The Commissioner of Police and his Traffic Chief, should pay visits to the above locations and take the necessary remedial enforcement measures.

Yours faithfully,
Mark Henry

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