Navin Chandarpal is the best person to become General Secretary of the PPP at the next congress

Dear Editor,

In the PPP Central Committee’s report at the congress held at Cotton Field Secondary School and in a number of speeches by delegates to the congress a lot was said about longstanding stalwarts in the party. After Dr Jagan’s death, the party began to elevate one junior comrade, transforming him into a ‘superman’ possessed of supernatural characteristics. Such a man supposedly knows everything, sees everything, thinks for everyone, can do anything and is infallible.

Such a belief was cultivated among party comrades for many years. The objective here is not a thorough evaluation of his life and activity. Concerning his merits, more than a sufficient number of pamphlets and studies have already been written about him during the period of his presidency. His role in bringing new members into the party and attracting people from other parties diminished the standing of the old stalwarts, and helped in taking control of the PPP.

At present, party comrades are concerned about how the cult of this comrade has been gradually growing; a cult which became the source of a whole series of serious perversions of party principles and party democracy, as well as revolutionary legality. The party groups around the country consider it absolutely necessary to make material pertaining to this matter available to the next congress. The great modesty and genius of the founder leader, Dr Cheddi Jagan, is known. Cheddi always stressed the role of the people as the creators of history.  Cheddi mercilessly stigmatised every manifestation of a cult on the part of any individual in his party.  Jagan never imposed his views by force. He tried to convince. He patiently explained his opinions to others.

Old stalwarts of the party detected in this comrade those negative characteristics which resulted later in grave consequences. Fearing the future fate of the party and Guyana they are pointing out that it is necessary not to vote for him as General Secretary at the next Congress because of his attitude toward his comrades.

It has been said that if comrades allow him to take over the position of General Secretary, he would accumulate immeasurable power in his hands and there is no certainty whether he will be always able to use this power with the required care. It has also been suggested that the comrades consider this position and select another man, who would differ from him in terms of possessing greater tolerance, greater loyalty and greater kindness. I think the most suitable person for the post of General Secretary is Comrade Navin Chandarpal.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Khan

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