Johnson should move on to more creative matters

Dear Editor,

I would like to correct a minor error in my letter in SN of June 12 captioned ‘We should stop carping…’ Some of the Caribbean Press books are available as digital downloads where the author has agreed.

Loath as I am to continue a futile correspondence, I do wish Ruel Johnson would face some of the facts I outlined about the Caribbean Press and move on to more creative matters. He does not in his response to my letter. Plainly he dislikes the Press and the Caribbean Classics in particular, but could he also explain how it came about that he (or somebody purporting to be he) wrote to Ambassador Dabydeen in May of this year offering to be ‘Executive Director’ of the Caribbean Press for a salary of three million, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($3,120,000).
Some of this is simply beyond fiction!

Yours faithfully,
John ‘Bill Cotton/
Reform’ Mair

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