Kampta Karran will be missed by many

Dear Editor,

I regret to hear of the death of Kampta Karran, known to me as Kampt.

I recall his energetic moves to present the Offerings publications to Guyanese.

On one occasion he influenced me to publish, under Offerings, a compilation of short stories titled The Room and Other Stories by Krishna Nand Prasad.

As usual, the publication lacked quality because we had to use a Gestetner machine with stencils. Kampta, however, was determined not to lose the essence of the effort and cried out for a review. Later Mr Al Creighton afforded him a review in his column in the Sunday Stabroek. Mr Creighton, I still believe, was kind to the publication.

On the basis of my interaction with Kampta, I can say he was a man for the grassroots population.

He will be missed by so many.

Yours faithfully,
Krishna Nand Persad

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