The cast of The Lion King should be commended

Dear Editor,

The review of The Lion King given by Jairo Rodrigues in Stabroek News (‘The Scene’) dated June 8, 2013 embraced the essence of the drama and the quality of work invested by the producers and the students. It was a pleasure to read.

Having observed the rehearsals and being aware of the hard work and dedication of all, I would like to take this opportunity to add to the review and acknowledge a few other members of the production; Young Simba and young Nala played by Nakeisha and Nalea Naraine, along with our little dancers, Zaria Parris and Vianka Singh were simply adorable.  Choir members, Olivia Liao, Bibi Mohamed, Reall Stuart and Wema Wachira worked tirelessly to support the cast but as was mentioned before, poor sound quality did not magnify their beautiful voices.  Benjamin Mekdeci was the assistant stage manager and the voice of Mufasa speaking to young Simba; his enthusiasm and display of responsibility contributed significantly.  Last, but certainly not least, Mica Gaard, co-producer and Music teacher, has worked assiduously over the past year to have GIA’s students realise their own potential in both music and drama. Together with Collette Jones-Chin, these women made a dynamic duo!

I would like to commend the entire cast and all supporters of The Lion King. This was an extraordinary experience! A job well done!

Yours faithfully,
Nicola Mendes

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