Guyanese should get involved in the Grow More Food campaign

Dear Editor,

Guyana has done well in terms of meeting the MDG goals particularly in the area of poverty alleviation and the reduction of hunger among the several other indicators.

According to media reports, Guyana collected a Food and Agriculture Organization award in Rome for reducing hunger in the country. This is a significant acknowledgement by the relevant international body, especially in an environment of global food shortages and hunger.

Our farmers must be commended for rising to the challenge to increase food production which has kept the prices of agricultural products relatively stable on the local market.

I take this opportunity to encourage every Guyanese to get involved in the Grow More Food campaign. Apart from saving some money, there is the added satisfaction of growing your own food.

Guyana is blessed with rich agricultural land and there is absolutely no reason why Guyanese should not get an adequate supply of food at affordable prices.

Yours faithfully,
Hydar Ally

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