The President should have been addressing ‘rogue’ public officials

Dear Editor,

In reference to your daily edition of the Stabroek News, dated June 18, I read with much concern about the President Ramotar’s address to the police at the recent commissioning of the police training centre, and for a moment I felt that he was only addressing a part of the problem that he was referring to. In his speech, he warned the cops against “being bought” and he also told the gathering that there is no place for “rogue cops.” I strongly feel that he should be telling officials about there being no place for “rogue” public officials who hold important positions. They should be warned against ‘being bought’ and told that they should be ‘even-handed’ in their duties as was the call to the policemen. There have been too many complaints against some of these “rogue” officials.

Yours faithfully,
J Tekchand

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