No response by GT&T to landline fault after two weeks

Dear Editor,

More than two weeks have passed since I made a complaint to the GT&T Customer Fault-reporting section through 097 about my two landlines and to date, no technician has visited to check the problem. My landlines 327-7334 and 2287 have been experiencing numerous problems from time to time. The first landline is ‘crossed’ with another landline in the area and comes on and off at times (more off than on), and the second landline is getting interference too from another landline.

GT&T gave me two reference numbers more than two weeks ago. I called twice within that period to enquire and all that the person on the phone could say was that she would “remind them.”  How sad it is for this company to neglect its landline customer base and services at this point.

I am hoping that, by the publication of this letter, it will create an awareness to have someone from the company visit my location and rectify the problems. It is sadder that customers have to have recourse to writing letters to newspapers to get attention from GT&T to fix their landline services.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Suseran

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