Why is the Burma Road in such a deplorable state?

Dear Editor,

Is this what Dr Jagan give his life for, to have the post-Jagan PPP abandon people from the rice sector? In the declassified CIA files, it reveals that Dr Jagan expressed to the British that “his natural leaning is to agriculture” since that industry is the most certain way to increase the wealth of the nation.  Yet today we find the principal access to the rice mill at Burma in such a dilapidated state that it is worse than in the PNC days.

How will the rice farmers take their paddy to the mill?  How will children go to school? How will the sick and the elderly access health care in the area? Why can’t Burma Road be built to international standards?

There is a continuous cycle as the road is broken within months of the previous contract and the same contractor continues to get a new contract for more millions. This should be investigated by the fourth estate – the media.

What is the APNU MP for Region Five doing to bring this issue to light; why are no parliamentary questions being asked?

The contractor continues to fix the front of the road and as you progress to the back of the road, the quality deteriorates. Whenever the rain falls at the back of the road, it transforms everything into slush and mush.

This government has become numb to the needs of the people. They have become deaf to the cries of the citizens. They have become blind to the needs of the poor. They have become mute to the abuse of the powerless.

What are we spending $208 billion in 2013 on again?

Yours faithfully,
Asquith Rose
Harish S Singh

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