Do not put cash in mail

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter as a public service to everyone who uses our postal service. I recently mailed two birthday cards to family members in the United States and to different addresses. In both instances, the cards were neatly slit open at one side then re-taped, again very neatly. It is obvious that whoever opened the envelopes was looking for money, for US dollars I suppose.
Before our postal administration attempts to say that the cards could have been opened in the US, I would point out that the common place that both pieces of mail shared was the main post office on Robb Street.

I am not asking for an inquiry, an investigation or anything of the sort. I actually understand the postal workers’ point of view that there’s a whole lot of ‘tiefing’ going on in our public service and at every level so they see no reason why they should not get in on the act. And who can blame them?
I am writing this letter so that the public is aware that unless you are doing it as a donation to your postal worker, do not put any cash into any mail. However, do expect your mail to be grossly and illegally violated in that it will be opened, searched, read, handled then neatly re-taped before it is sent on to its destination.
In both instances the cards took a month to get to their respective US destination. I suppose our postal workers are taking their own sweet time with their searches? I would urge them to, at least, hurry it up a bit.

Yours faithfully,
Ryhaan Shah

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