Daycare centres should be monitored

Dear Editor,

Very often we hear that children are tomorrow’s generation, nevertheless there is not much or no emphasis at all being placed on the wellbeing of these children. Back in the nineteenth century the fathers were the sole breadwinners and the mothers would stay at home and take care of the kids; it is totally different now that we are in the twenty-first century. Both mothers and fathers are working and they are left with no other alternative but to put their child/children in daycare. There are a number of daycare centres opening and it worries me as to what criteria must be met before the necessary licence is granted to the operators.

I have visited various daycares and some of my encounters have been appalling. Just to name a few: teachers are using cleaning detergent in the water to wash off kids when they defecate; kids nap on tile floors with just a bedspread; and there is bruising of one kind or another. Persons caring for these children should go through some form of basic training on how to care for these “cherished lambs.” Childcare protection officers should visit these institutions to ensure they are complying with regulations, and also follow up on matters that need addressing. They should close down such institutions when requirements are not met and hold persons accountable for a breach of the laws.

Yours faithfully,
Diana Haynes

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