The Police Service Commission is the authority which deals with police leave

Dear Editor,

Whoever Mr Neil Adams is, he is clearly unacquainted with the Public Service Rules, and should proceed with caution when pontificating on the powers of ministers in relation to the conditions of service of public servants (‘Ministry of Home Affairs is in order on leave for police, firearm licences,’ Stabroek News, June 24).

The rules do not allow any legitimate arrogation to such senior officials the authority to change the conditions of employment of regular non-contracted public servants, including members of the Guyana Police Force.

The writer, like so many others who have become programmed to the machinations of public management over the last two decades, not illogically, construes legal authority as overreaching to the extent of unfettered power; and in the process displays the tendency to overlook the equally legitimate rights of employees, as enshrined in the constitution and supporting legislation.

In the instant case the Police Service Commission is the constitutional authority to deal with the conditions of employment, including leave, of police.

Yours faithfully,
EB John

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