Mass hysteria should be treated appropriately

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to reports of supernatural manifestations at schools and other locations. The most recent of these is at the Guyana School of Agriculture in Mon Repos.

Mass hysteria is a recognized, well documented phenomenon in which psychological and pseudo-physiological symptoms are exhibited by persons in close proximity. These symptoms usually have a common cultural or belief basis.

It is in the interest of the relevant authorities to treat these incidents appropriately. Such occurrences may require the intervention of experts. The experts are those who understand such matters; in this case psychologists, psychiatrists and probably other medical personnel.

Pastors, pandits and other religious leaders are not equipped to handle such

matters. Many medical experts assert that hysteria has a basis in delusional

thinking and the logical way to break the cycle is to use a rational approach. Some may argue that religion is incompatible with such.

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

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