One way along seawall has to be enforced

Dear Editor,

I wish to remind the Guyana Police Force that the roadway next to the Georgetown Seawall, from Camp St to Vlissengen Rd is one way, unless the information given by the Home Affairs Ministry, Public Works Ministry and the posted signs at the Northern end of Vlissengen Rd are all wrong. The move to ban the usual seawall lime on Rupert Craig, (and “ahem” encourage persons to use the roadway from the Northern end of High St/Camp St heading East to Vlissengen was timely.

Why am I reminding the Police Force? (congrats for the increased patrols along the roadway!) It is that unless the one way in enforced, traffic flowing along the roadway will continue to be chaotic on weekends in particular when a few vehicle drivers defy all common sense and attempt to go against the expected flow of traffic.

Police patrol vehicles (such as PLL 1000, yes, you know what you did last Sunday!) also appear oblivious to the fact that it’s a one way and add to the confusion by doing the same thing!

It’s nice to relax on the Seawalls, not so nice to hear the abuse heaped on motorists doing the right thing by other motorists who claim that they have a right to drive up the one way. Even the ranks who conduct foot patrols seemed to be ignorant of the fact after I informed them (very mannerly ranks too, at least they promised to consult their superiors!) that the roadway is one way.

PS The signs stating it is a one way are still on the road though slightly faded, perhaps a few signs placed at eye level, would do the trick!

Yours faithfully,
Paul Mc Adam

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