Teacher issues at Cornelia Ida Primary

Dear Editor,

Can someone look into this matter urgently before the closing of school on Friday? I am a parent of a child who is currently a pupil of the Cornelia Ida Primary School on the West Coast Demerara. The problem is:

1.My child is in Grade 5 and will soon be in Grade 6. Most of the parents are not pleased with the staffing at  Grade 6. The current Grade 5 teacher will be going over to  Grade 6  with them and we have learnt from experience  (working with our children ) this teacher has difficulty with content matter. Her method of giving notes is letting the child copy from the text book  and there are difficulties with simple Mathematical problems.

2. The other teacher who will be going to Grade 6 is a teacher who is attending the University of Guyana.

Come on, how can a teacher cope with her studies and be the teacher of an examination class? What will happen to the class when she is away at University?  We need our children to get a fair chance at the National Grade 6 examination. What was the Headteacher thinking when she did this placement?

There are three other experienced Grade 6 teachers at the school including the headteacher . Can these experienced people be placed at Grade 6?

If the Ministry does not take action, myself and many other parents will have no other alternative but to move our children to a private school.

Yours faithfully,
Name and address supplied

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