Not associated with letter responding to Local Government Minister

Dear Editor,

I direct your attention to the letter captioned ‘Local government Minister’s statement is a tissue of untruths’ which was published in the letter column of your June 28th edition of Stabroek News, purportedly having my name listed as one of the signatories included among Mayor Hamilton Green, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green and other Councillors. Please be informed that I am not a City Councillor who had signed that letter nor am I associated with or subscribe to the contents therein; it is neither my opinion nor views as expressed therein.

I am disassociating myself with the erroneous and less than factual contents and wish to inform you that as a City Councillor, individual, and in my capacity as a professional I display high ethical, moral and professional behaviour which undoubtedly has made me an asset in various capacities of service.

I therefore demand that you immediately apologise to me via your newspaper and retract forthwith my name as I disassociate myself with the contents of this letter.

Further, I wish to inform you that failure to do so will cause me to take the necessary legal action as my remedy in law.

Yours faithfully,
Junior Garrett

Editor’s note

We received the letter to which Mr Garrett refers in the form of a statement from the Office of the Mayor on the letterhead ‘Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown.’ We reproduced the names of the Mayor, Deputy-Mayor and fifteen Councillors that were appended at the end of the letter, on the assumption, as is our wont, that they had associated themselves with its content. We regret the inclusion of Mr Garrett’s name, but suggest it is a matter best pursued with Mayor Hamilton Green.

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