Dear Editor,

Two recent articles caught my attention and I have to ask myself, when is it all going to stop?

SN, June 29 ‒ Proposed leased fee for the land (6.886 acres) where the Marriott hotel is being constructed is under $300,000 per annum for 99 years!

SN, June 30 (article by Christopher Ram) ‒ Contract price for toilet sets for the proposed airport extension project will be supplied at a cost of $424,212 when these toilet sets can be purchased locally at a cost of between $16,000 and $33,000!

These Asians clearly are not only interested in our timber resources which are being given away willy nilly.

When will the Government of Guyana set up the oversight commissions and boards that conduct due diligence, including fiduciary and legal checks in relation to national patrimony and the future debt burden that must be carried by our future generations?

As Mr Ram points out:  “Guyanese seem to have lost the capacity to be offended, shocked or even become angry.” Well not me; I am outraged.

Yours faithfully,
Howard Bulkan

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