Wakenaam Police Station has no vehicle

Dear Editor,

I have exhausted all options. I have spoken to the Station Sergeant, Inspector, Deputy Commander, Commander and Minister with reference to mobile transportation at Wakenaam Police Station.

Wakenaam Police Station is located at San Souci on the far western side of the island. The furthest village that is densely populated is some 12 miles away from the station. On numerous occasions reports were made to the police station in relation to such offences as robbery, physical assault, abusive language and noise nuisance, among others, but all the police officers who answer the telephone will say, is “We don’t have transportation to come at the moment.” This is absurdity in its entirety. There is a police pick-up at the station but that has been parked for over one year and no one seems to care about its condition.

Editor, I personally called the Minister of Home Affairs around one year ago and brought this issue to his attention, and he quickly dismissed me by saying it is the Divisional Commander’s responsibility. When I spoke to the Commander he responded just like a politician, saying, “I will look into it.”

Notwithstanding the above, I must say that in recent times the Station Sergeant whom I was told was recently placed here at Wakenaam and his ranks have been traversing the entire island using motor cycles. However this does not solve the issue of not having a mobile vehicle to transport law-breakers.

Editor, this letter is primarily for the purpose of informing the public and hopefully getting the addressed. There are many other issues that need urgent attention such as the behaviour of neighbourhood police officers.

Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Mahipaul

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