Lall has written the obituaries of the PPP and PNC

Dear Editor,

Last night (July 4), I was in the midst of reading GHK Lall’s book, and was enthusiastic about posting the following on my Facebook page and in my e-mails:

In his book Sitting on a Racial Volcano (Guyana Uncensored), author GHK Lall has written the obituaries of both the PPP and PNC. This book serves as a timely reminder of “The fierce urgency of now.”
Now is the time to administer, the final rites

Now is the time, to move this nation from the quicksands of racial injustice, to the solid rock of brotherhood
Now is the time for change!

This morning, I got to Chapter 13, where he advocated separation and partition ‒ and had a change of mind.

Yours faithfully,
George Daniels

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