Too many workplaces avoid addressing complaints of sexual harassment

Dear Editor,

Sexual harassment is an offence that is totally under-legislated though it is all too prevalent. Unfortunately in too many workplaces, both in the public and private sectors the practice is to avoid addressing complaints, or to make it impossible for the victim to continue in the workplace.

The reports on the situation at the Democratic Council Office Region 3 present a fairly typical picture of the offence and the failure of persons in authority to address complaints. The most unusual feature in the Region 3 situation, as reported, is the determination and courage that the victim has displayed in not allowing herself to be bullied or intimidated into silence. Women have an equal right to work without being subjected to unwelcome advances, and all places of work must establish policies which make clear that a supervisory position does not give the supervisor any rights over the bodies of juniors male or female. Breaches of these protocols must have consequences.

Yours faithfully,
Karen de Souza
For Red Thread

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