Re-launch the Caribbean Press as a true public entity

Someone once said to me: “The true test of a man’s character is not how much he’s been attacked, but how he reacts to such attacks.”

It is time the dust settles on the issue of the Caribbean Press. Needless to say it’s a shame that the parties involved have to resort to name-calling, put-downs, attacks, and even self-aggrandizements.  I have been following with keen interest the letters regarding the Caribbean Press and I am still waiting for someone to acknowledge that this is an institution that needs to transition its management to the public domain. True, many public entities are formed through personal inputs, and many personal sacrifices are made, but there comes a time when the persons involved have to, and need to, let go and do what it takes to institutionalize.  This is the case of the Caribbean Press, and this is what I believe Ruel Johnson is calling for.

I call on Minister Frank Anthony, now that he has heard all the issues from all the parties involved, to take matters into his hands and do what is necessary to re-launch the Caribbean Press as a true public entity, with its own Board and Advisors.

Let’s hope that everyone involved sees this as just a painful growing process that will result in a professional, dignified, academic entity that all Guyanese can be proud of and, as needed, have access to.

Yours faithfully,
Sharir Chan

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