Still no attention to teacher issues at Cornelia Ida Primary

Dear Editor,

One week ago I wrote a letter (`Teacher issues at Cornelia Ida Primary’ SN July 2, 2013) about the staffing of the Grade 6 at the Cornelia Ida Primary School.

Despite our plea nothing has been done to change or rectify the situation.

The Grade 5 teachers are going over with our kids. Is this fair to have a teacher attending university teach an examination class? Also, the Headteacher has streamed the  classes.

She has made a remedial class which is given to a teacher attending  the Teacher’s Training College and the other two will share the other class.

In my opinion the last Grade 6 did not perform well because the kids were streamed. There were three classes: one high flier, a middle class and a remedial.  Is it the Ministry of Education’s policy to have streaming in the primary schools?

I thought  at least the Regional Administration would have looked into the matter. Please, we are pleading with you for our children’s sake.

Not everyone can afford the private school fees for our kids to have a better chance at the National Grade 6 examinations.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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