After three years’ work song lyrics now published Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I am an impoverished rastaman, a songwriter and musician barely making ends meet to survive.  I have been working for more than three years on a book of song lyrics, under the constant guidance of Professor David Dabydeen.  I could have been involved in nefarious activities, but I choose to write.  I am delighted that the Caribbean Press has nurtured my work over three years and has just now published my book.  Hundreds of copies will be given free of charge to schools and libraries.  Though the Caribbean Press will pay me a royalty, I have not asked for a cent; the joy of seeing my work in print, and knowing that our Guyanese youths will have books, is sufficient.  I am happy to offer whatever service I can for free, penniless as I am.  It is only fair that I do so since Brother David Dabydeen, Brother Ian McDonald and Sister Lynne Macedo work as editors of the Press without payment.

Yours faithfully,
Ras Cedric Castello

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