Black tanks at Wales police station overflow day and night

Dear Editor,

It has been observed for over a year that Wales police station allows water to waste by having their black tanks overflow day and night. I have made a report to GWI, but it was discovered that they do not supply water to this station, therefore it has to be GuySuCo’s Wales estate supplying the water.

It is sad to know that water is allowed to waste when it can be stopped by installing a stop valve.

I called the station to ask them about their knowledge of the water wastage and they are quite aware, but have not done anything.

The funny thing is that a new building was built recently to house the Wales magistrate’s court and pipes were installed, yet no one saw it fit to install a stop valve.

GWI is doing nothing because it’s not their customer, therefore water is left to waste.

I hope someone sees the importance of conserving water and has the situation of water wastage at the Wales police station rectified.

Yours faithfully,
N Maraj

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