Dear Editor,

‘PPP “paid the price” at the last polls for neglecting groundwork –Rohee’ (SN, July 10).’ This must qualify for bull of the week.  It is so rich it is already lead candidate for bull of the year.
Every Indian with whom I spoke, and who said that they would not be voting in November 2011 offered one reason, and one reason only, for such absentee decision and action.  It was because of the chronic, runaway, extreme corruption participated in, and permitted, by the PPP and its holy men.  If the preceding sentence is too much for Mr Rohee, then some old fashioned Creolese should suffice: “Aaal ah dem teefing tuh much.”

This was said repeatedly and well before the last elections.  It was said in anger, in disgust, and with utter revulsion.  In fairness, there are some smidgeons of truth in the other factors identified by Mr Rohee, but unbridled greed and wanton financial rapaciousness were the key contributors to the PPP”s last poll performance.  To restate the obvious, the loss would have been bigger with less racial voting fear and a more viable opposition commandeering the emotional and psychological crossroads of the times.  Said PPP loss would have been biggest with a credible civil society apparatus, peopled with trustworthy bodies in the forefront.  This has served to stymie effectively any foreign power strategizing.

When all is considered, it is clear that the PPP has much to conceal, and does so through studious ignoring of the Hydra-headed corruption spectre that it has spawned, and insists on these milky euphemisms about “mistakes” and “neglect.” The party should know that its pathetic attempts at continued cover-up and denial do more harm than good.  It plays a dangerous game that could be costly.  Now back to Mr Rohee.

In endeavouring to bull his way forward with this latest political manure, he falls flat on his face in the stuff.  And it is not egg!

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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