Lack of professionalism in Berbice Bridge information section

Dear Editor,

It was quite a distasteful experience calling the Berbice Bridge’s information – (592)327-5466 ext 102 on schedules for the bridge’s opening/closure.

Firstly, I was surprised that even though it’s approximately 11.30am on Monday morning (July 8, 2013) there was no update on the bridge’s scheduled closure for that day; in fact, there were schedules for the past three days – from Friday through Sunday. Apparently someone is not doing their job!

My second observation relates to the pre-recorded voice I am forced to listen to the moment after I dial 327-5466 in order to gather the required info on bridge closures. This is actually the first voice one hears upon calling the Berbice Bridge’s telephone number and yet the sound that greets one lacks every bit of professionalism in that the drawl is a cross between Creolese and English. Sad to say it was the voice of a female.

My question to the affiliates of BBCI is whether they have ever heard the phrase ‘First impressions are lasting ones.’ Their company has a multi-billion dollar status and yet it lacks any professionalism in basic operational procedures.

In closing, may I ask the affiliates of this company what is the point of having a service for commuters if it’s not up to standard.  They should remember that commuters provide the revenue of the bridge and their very existence depends on them.

Yours faithfully,
Juliet Dukhi

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