Cartoon was unfair and inaccurate

Dear Editor,

Okay. Mr Harris had his fun at my expense. I am usually pretty careful with my words. In the report to Stabroek News on the burglary at my house, this is what I said: “In spite of the fact that I reported the matter to an Assistant Commissioner of Police, which the ordinary citizen would not be able to do” the police did not perform their duty.

The point I was trying to make was that while I am able to call a senior police officer, even with my enjoying that privilege, the police did not deliver the service they should have done. What, therefore, would happen to most of our citizens who do not have that access?

The cartoon on the other hand depicts me suggesting that I should receive special treatment above other citizens. Cartoons are a powerful means of editorializing. This one was not fair, nor was it accurate.

Yours faithfully,
Christopher Nascimento

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