Jailall Kissoon should apologise

Dear Editor,

I write to express my shock and disgust at the statements made by my learned friend, Jailall Kissoon, a former minister of the Guyana government in Trinidad.  His statement that rum was killing Indo-Guyanese from the first to the third generation was very degrading, and implying that it was acceptable to steal from the whites was unbelievable coming from an experienced attorney.

I received several emails from Guyanese friends who live in Trinidad and Tobago, including a Senior Counsel who said that they were humiliated by the embarrassing utterances made by Mr Kissoon. One wonders what prompted the relatively intelligent and fluent advocate to make such a speech which also angered the man who invited him to speak, prompting Jack Warner to issue an apology within hours of the presentation.

It is not known on what basis Mr Kissoon, a Guyanese, was invited to speak on Mr Warner’s platform, but what is certain is that the former FIFA and CONCACAF official would never want him to be near his podium at other meetings. His choice of words was totally unacceptable and degrading and was the talking point on Wednesday night and all day on Thursday.

I am not sure if and how Mr Kissoon could rehabilitate himself, but he should start by writing an apology.

Yours faithfully,
Oscar Ramjeet

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