We have to look at other options

Dear Editor,

Our country stands still with daily fights in and out of Parliament among our politicians. This is the result of an uncompromising minority government which also engages in their daily rituals of deceit, lies and ‘cuss-out.’

In Guyana there are two ethnic parties, the PPP and PNC/APNU with a fast growing multi-ethnic AFC party.  It would appear that Guyana would be saddled with minority governments until such time that the multi-ethnic philosophy of the AFC is understood and accepted by the majority.  The AFC cannot be wished away.

We do not have the luxury of time; time and opportunities await no country, bearing in mind we have been at the bottom of the economic ladder in the Caribbean for some time.

We have to look at other options and one such option could be to use all means necessary in getting the ruling PPP to amend the constitution, allowing for a leader who commands the majority support in Parliament to be President which can be found in almost all democracies.

Yours faithfully,
Harry Persaud

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