This mother needs help

Dear Editor,

We are saddened by the news reported in the two independent daily newspapers, SN and KN dated, July 26, 2013, about the decomposed body of a baby found in a septic tank.

We mourn the baby’s death but at the risk of provoking anger among those who are ‘pro-life’ but pay no attention to the problems many mothers face keeping their children alive, we grieve that the mother had to face this ordeal. To us, it is clear that this woman needs help.  This is a mother and from all indications a poor woman with eight children. Some of us who have two are finding it almost impossible to survive much less a woman with eight. We do not know the circumstances surrounding this woman and her family that led her to this, but we do know that it is not easy to provide for so many children.

In this situation passing judgment will not help in any way. The fact that she admitted to drinking something to try to terminate the pregnancy is a sign that she couldn’t afford to pay to have it done properly. Who would want to put their lives at risk except in a can’t help situation? There are many other women out there who like her, are forced to have unsafe abortions
The Termination of Pregnancy Bill was passed about eighteen years ago in June 1995,   but to date poor women still cannot access free and safe abortions. We call on the Minister of Health and all the relevant authorities responsible to urgently make this service available, especially to the poor women who need it the most.

In addition, we call on the Minister of Human Services and her ministry to ensure that this woman and her family get the help and the kind support they need.
Yours faithfully,
Nicola Marcus
Wintress White
Red Thread

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