A committee will work with the Leeward Islands association to advise the WICB on the way forward

Dear Editor,

With regard to an article which appeared in the Antigua Daily Observer on Wednesday, July 24th under the headline ‘Willock blasts Shillingford, welcomes WICB intervention,’ the WICB wishes to clarify as follows:

At the last West Indies Cricket Board meeting of the Board of Directors (Georgetown, Guyana, July 13, 2013) a committee comprising Vice-President Emmanuel Nanthan (Chairman), and Directors Milton Henry and Anand Sanasie was appointed to sit with the Leeward Islands Cricket Association (LICA) to review and advise the WICB Board on the way forward. As an interim measure the CEO, Michael Muirhead is to examine the immediate needs of LICA to see what can be done to assist LICA in managing its affairs.

This decision was taken following the WICB’s receipt of a letter from LICA members stating various concerns about the affairs of LICA.

The WICB stands committed to ensuring the welfare of all its shareholders.

For clarity, the WICB has not set up, nor is it setting up an Interim Management Committee to “manage the affairs of LICA” nor is it “investigating the affairs of LICA” as was stated in the article.

WICB will, as usual, advise of any decisions taken or updates as may be necessary following review and consideration of the advice of the committee.


Yours faithfully,
Imran Khan
Corporate Communications Officer
West Indies Cricket Board Inc

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