Propaganda will be at the centre of the PPP Congress

Dear Editor,

In less than a week, the PPP will begin their long overdue party Congress in the midst of political turbulence and gridlock in Parliament which they single-handedly created.

Naturally, with the use of propaganda, the party leadership will use the occasion to highlight their achievements; support their claim as better managers of the economy; and favourably interpret their contribution to the unfolding of the epochal events in national development over the past two decades. Among other things, they will extol their leader for rescuing Guyana from the PNC in 1992. We were informed that many members and even some delegates do not support the way the party is running the country, but the PPP Congress is not a gathering that allows the voice of the people to be heard. The leader will control the agenda and will offer their view on how the flock should vote and think, and they will bury any discussions on corruption and crimes, as well as jobs and improving the lives of the poor and the working class.

Ironically, as is the tradition of the party, speaker after speaker will be handed a script praising Cheddi Jagan to drum up emotions as a technique to distract the delegates from the real bread and butter issues.  That is why they will have too few delegates this year, so they have to pay people from as far away as Rupununi to turn up to stuff the Congress hall with observers, many of whom do not even know what the ideology of the PPP is, or who is the Minister of Local Government.

Of course the ritual condemnation of past comrades like Moses Nagamootoo and Ralph Ramkarran will be in the playbook. Even Joey Jagan will get his share to the absolute disgust of the conscious ones in the room.  But what can they do? They are in the minority and they will be overwhelmed and bamboozled by the parrots in the room who are being paid to peddle half-truths and propaganda.

The vision and dream of Cheddi Jagan is now buried and dead for this Jagdeo-Ramotar cabal, and they will just be using Cde Cheddi for cosmetic purposes.

Yes, propaganda will take centre stage next week at the PPP Congress.


Yours faithfully,
Asquith Rose
Harish S Singh

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