We should be inviting US companies to help develop our country

Dear Editor,

The syndicated column from the Miami Herald by Andres Oppenheimer which appeared in Sunday Stabroek on July 21, shows that the US economy is about to really take off and re-assert itself as the most powerful economy in the world, and the statistics and insight he provides, especially in the realm of technology, confirm what I have being saying all along, namely, that President Obama will stand out as one of the greatest presidents of the USA.

As Mr Oppenheimer shows quite clearly, in 2012, the USA produced 138,000 new patents compared to the nearest rival, the Japanese, with 52,800 new patents, while the emerging giants, India (1,700) and China (6,000) trail far behind, with Brazil a distant blur with only 256 new patents ! What this means, when one understands that new patents in technology and innovative research clearly unveil the future of this planet, is that the USA is poised to take a commanding lead in economic development through technologies like robotics, cloud computing,  nanotechnology, communications, transportation and space, while solving the energy crunch with new technologies like hydraulic ‘fracking’ to produce cheap electricity from natural gas extraction; this would give independence from foreign oil imports. Yes Editor! America is set to revive its economic power through new realities in the marketplace where food and natural resources will be replaced by technology as the number one creator of wealth, and the USA is way ahead of the rest of the world, including its most powerful competitor, China.

Mr Oppenheimer also shows that because of the re-structuring of American industry and new innovative research after the prolonged recession (starting around 2008), the US economy is poised to produce competitive prices for its products worldwide and a good example of this is the automotive industry, where American vehicles are now among the best in the world and can compete with any country. The research and advancements in robotics will make the USA the prime mover in production and quality control of all kinds of manufactured goods, which will lead to cheaper and more quality  products, especially with cutting-edge tools for all trades and professions which make the ‘world go round.’  In medicine, for example, nanotechnology and bio-med research places the USA way in front the rest of the world, which awaits the huge benefits these new technologies will provide for mankind’s well-being.

But, Editor, what Mr Oppenheimer failed to do is to give due credit to the efforts of President Obama in the turnaround of the US economy after he came to office in 2008, facing huge deficits and chaos in the marketplace, especially the automotive and housing sectors to produce in 2012, just 4 years after disaster, a surplus in the budget of over US$116 billion with the jobless rate showing very positive indications. Mr Obama’s bail-out of the auto industry and his great initiatives  in solving the housing  situation have contributed to the upturn of that economy; his cabinet, stacked with brilliant innovators and managers, along with his commitment to spending on new technologies and research, has played a major role in the coming re-assertion of US economic might. Mr Obama’s commitment to space exploration and research has led to major victories for the future of mankind, and this new frontier will bring the USA further along in technological advancement and monetary might; outer space is the future of humankind and Obama has committed substantial resources to that effort where the USA is poised for great explorations in the coming decade.

Space technology, for which America basically has all the patents, is already being applied in many meaningful ways in industry and manufacturing in the United States, and is a growing component of new materials in the marketplace. In economic relationships, President Obama has strengthened and deepened ties to the Eurozone and this will pay huge dividends for America as European recovery will automatically follow the coming recovery in the USA, and the combined marketplace and manufacturing output of the these two giants will drive a new economic revival which will affect the world at large.

Editor, in the whole world, show me a better leader than President Obama ‒ a leader who listens; a man of simplicity and who is obviously humble, even though he is the most powerful person in the world; a strong family man and God-fearing; not corrupt nor does he tolerate corruption; a fighter for the poor and needy and exploited, never afraid to point out the inequities which exist in his country; in Europe, Asia and Africa, he is admired and respected like no other leader in the world. In our hemisphere, Obama stands out as a leader who inspires positive feelings and genuine affection, especially in the Caribbean region; here in Guyana, I would bet anyone that Mr Obama is more popular than any politician in this country and he would be liked across the political-racial divide. But President Obama is also tough and all of America’s enemies will face the power he has at his disposal to enforce popular democracy whereever it may surface on this planet. Mr Obama has proven and will continue to prove that his administration is committed to democracy and freedom throughout the planet.

So Editor, the signs are all there for a great American economic revival ‒ great leadership by Mr Obama and a great technological nation which is the best marketplace in the world ‒ but yet our current leaders want to attack and criticize the USA (which repeatedly calls for more democracy through local elections here in Guyana), while holding hands with those countries who can never do what a real friendship with America can do in the long run. We need much stronger economic ties to America; we need US investment in our country and we have to break down any barriers which will inhibit such arrangements; US airports, hydropower dams, roads, sea defences and irrigation are all of the very best quality and built to stand the test of time (check out the Linden highway, built by Americans and the best roadway in Guyana by far), so why are we not inviting US companies to come and help us to develop our country?

The USA should be our best friend, especially since so many of our people live there and the US$400M which they send back here helps a whole lot. But most important, Editor, is the fact that America is the greatest nation in the world and will stay rich and powerful and number one in democratic and economic rights, long after our great-great grandchildren are gone.

Yours faithfully,
Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr)

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