The Congress is over before it begins

Dear Editor,

The upcoming PPP Congress is over before it begins.  It is this predictable, this easy.

The majority of the men and women gathering should concentrate on discovering soul or conscience, be it of party or of self; but they will be distracted by the siren song of the personal cashbox.  It is this simple.  There has not been manifest any dedication as to what is good for this country, or to reveal what the PPP really stands for.  What it really stands for at the core…  This will continue after the Congress.

Those assembled lack the mentality that begets inclusiveness and the expansive; they shrink from any philosophy or temperament indicative of the experimental.  The supposedly young and new are not so new or callow, but aged in the rich wines of asset accumulation.  The focus is on more of the same if they could have their way.  Country and citizens be damned.  This is their raison d’etre.  Congress is cover, channel, and sanction.  It encompasses a lot of territory.

For a certainty, there will be loud buzzes about the glorious present and even more glorious future; the obligatory invocations to tingle the sentimental; and, of course, the occasional swipe at critics and naysayers.  But when looked at closely and clinically, this Congress will be dedicated to money and free(r) rein.  These are the two underlying planks of the power hungry, money addicted men and women.  It is the irony of ironies that the PPP now lives to the fullest the Burnham dream, and the Burnham way through paramountcy of the party, and its merry men.  At all costs and above all else.

The dwindling remnant of decent, ethical, and concerned loyalists has already lost both battle and war.  Wherever they look ‒ up or down, right or left ‒ they realize the overwhelming odds massed against their paltry presence.  There is no meaningful dissident faction to speak of; one that can threaten the state of things, or arrest the scope of nefariousness and the sweep of events.  The main players are too embedded, too powerful, and too numerous.  And they have an inseparable attachment to, and affection for, the commonplace sordid and the self-serving.

I see the environmentalist returning; I hear early elections. I believe the die is cast for more of the same from the PPP Pandora’s Box.

Hopeful citizens on the outside will be disillusioned.  Again.  Those who abandoned ship will be disappointed.  It will be over before the fat lady sings.  I would have a lot to sing about too if I just sold a house for close to 200 million dollars.  And this is where all roads from this Congress will lead for the attendees.

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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