Dear Editor,


With reference to the Ministry of Home Affairs/ Guyana Prison Service advertisement for a Plant Maintenance Supervisor in the Sunday Chronicle ‘Pepperpot’ of July 28,2013, the ministry’s principal personnel officer should be asked to explain the deliberate distortion of the Public Service salary scales. He/She quotes the abovementioned position as being in GS 08 ($84,565.00) per month.

This misinterpretation follows the trend set in the case of advertisements earlier this month for Medical Officer and Nursing Assistant.

The Public Service Ministry should reprimand this officer for not honestly quoting the full salary scale approved in the National Estimates, ie, $84,565 (Minimum) to $126,772 (Maximum).

To add to the misinformation is the fact that like the Medical Officer and Nursing Assistant, the position now being advertised is not included in the establishment of the Prison Service.

Such misconduct by a public official whose responsibilities would include monitoring other employees’ performance for competence, should not be condoned as an example to emulate.

Yours faithfully,
EB John

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