Violence against women seems unending

Dear Editor,


The violence against our women seems unending and no one seems to have a solution for even reducing it; this gruesome abuse has reached proportions that confounds the authorities.

Last week children were brutally murdered and wives chopped mercilessly, left hanging onto life by the proverbial thread. The time has come for it to be asked whether enough is being done to stop the killing of our women and children. One is left to ponder whether we really are in an age of civilization; the primitive and barbaric displays by our menfolk leave us with more distress and more questions than answers.

It doesn’t matter what a woman or a child does no one has the right to destroy them or abuse them in any way whatsoever.

Is there something that could be done for our menfolk so that they will not be possessed of such uncontrolled rage that they have to become violent and kill?

I believe that the laws needs revision and more stringent action should be meted out to those who set out to harm our women, and measures be put in place to deal with these men.

Men should remember we are here to protect our women, to love them, to provide for them, to commend them, to teach them and not to beat them. The challenge is for us men to develop patience and courage to deal with the stressful matters of the family, and if for some reason coping is difficult then they should seek counselling.


Yours faithfully,
Bishop Ivan John

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