No improved electricity supply in Cummings Lodge

Dear Editor,

I live in the Cummings Lodge area and was ecstatic when I read an article in the newspapers, over a month ago, which stated that there was an upgrade in the electricity supply which was to reduce blackouts and provide an improved service for over 35,000 customers. My location was supposed to be one of the areas to benefit.

Previous to this, long weekend blackouts and also extended periods of low voltage were the norm.

Unfortunately, since the pronouncement of the supposed improved supply, not a Sunday has gone by when there was not an extended period of blackout. The low voltage also continues to occur on a regular basis.

I would therefore like to enquire from GPL or a government representative what exactly were they referring to when they boldly stated that “35,000 customers” were going to have an improved electricity supply? To date I have seen no improvement!

Just as they were quick to make a dramatic headline trumpeting their supposed improvements, likewise, I would much appreciate an explanation from them as to why this ‘improvement’ has not yet been noted by us customers and when we can actually expect the ‘improved supply’ to come into effect?

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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