Not seeking publication

Dear Editor,

I believe that a person may write to provide a service to a particular population as I did for Jamaicans for five years in the course of my stay in Jamaica.

I have submitted short stories and poems to the children’s section of the Mirror newspaper for many years. One of these stories was included in the publication The Lure of the Mermaid and other Children Stories, presented by the late Mrs Janet Jagan. I wrote for the child reading the children’s section of the Mirror. These submissions have reached the objectives expected with respect to the population targeted.

As it is now, I consider these pieces dead to me and as such none should be utilized by anyone, including teachers, on the ground that these stories and poems may be substandard work. I will never seek publication for these. It would be against my Christian conscience. I therefore appeal to all concerned not to speak to me of the publication of my effort.

Yours faithfully,
Krishna Nand Prasad
Teacher of Additional Mathematics                       

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