Dear Editor,

The latest Amaila Falls load-shedding involving prominent AFC figures drives home the clinging darkness over this land.  This darkness illuminates how conflicted leaders are and, by extension, the predicament of this society.  Somehow it almost always comes down to money.

A man is free to select his clients, serve sponsors, earn a living; he can do so any which way he chooses.  But when he represents aspirations, holds crucial keys to potential gateways, and advances a distinctive readiness to lead, then hard decisions become the order of his day.  These include in no particular order: personal associations, business relationships, contractual obligations, and monetary connections, among others.

Clearly the best that can be said in the latest Amaila Falls fallout is that the best judgment did not prevail; that an altogether now routine state of ‘too much cleverness’ takes priority.  In the end, more is lost than that which is financially gained.  Broadly speaking, retreat, return of funds, and hasty dissociation all come too late. This is true not only in respect of this now seemingly accursed project and all those who touch it, but also those who consent to become part of the national cleverness on other issues.  There is more than the mere conflicts of postures and interests in these matters; arguably there are the losing internal clashes of character.  In fairness, this might be unfair, but in a watchful, selectively sensitive society, there is no other standard, no other verdict.  Consider this example.

A citizen is asked to assist a government ministry in ensuring that certain actions occur.  Prior written authorization is given to release the small associated stipend to another government unit.  The response of those being reviewed is stark and telling: “Is nah dis same maan duz criticize de guvment? How come he wukking fuh de same guvment?  It would be most enlightening if somebody could figure the connections out and share publicly.  The point is this: If a citizen’s efforts (perhaps principles) are questioned by those probably cheating invisibly the taxpayers, then what about real conflict and the more than troubling that unfold on the national stage?  The critical, and the unforgiving would be sure to follow; missteps are this fatal.

In the last analysis, this much should be said: Avoid the entanglements that stain and poison.  Resist having feet in two (or more) boats.  Cease and desist from following in the footsteps of this diseased body called ruling party and government.  Keep things straight and clean.  It is ethically and spiritually salubrious.

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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