The government has contempt for the majority of the country

Dear Editor,

There are many positives to be taken from the current configuration of Guyana’s Parliament.  In addition to the effort to improve transparency, inclusive planning and governance, this current configuration of Parliament is exposing how the government does business.  This is a government that does not want to engage other stakeholders in the budget preparation process, or only finds it necessary to seek public input after raising the debt ceiling was not approved by Parliament.  Much worse, we have crucial amendments and legislation to pass that aligns our local framework to international standards of countering money laundering ‒ the finance of terrorism.

The government clearly has contempt and disregard for the majority of the country and their combined actions are seen by many as unpatriotic.  Kudos to the combined opposition and the people of Guyana for remaining steadfast and not allowing some officials to make themselves and a few selfish others wealthy while the masses continue to struggle to make ends meet and be engaged only when the government wants to complain or see support for some plan that didn’t have the input of the people in the first place.

Guyana continues to slide backwards and remains underdeveloped because of immature politics.

Guyanese must realize that our struggle is not against any political party, the struggle is for a better life for us all.  If the government of the day does see it fit to engage all stakeholders in the development of our nation, regardless of which side of the political spectrum one falls or which community one resides in, then clearly we are dealing with an immature, uncaring and contemptuous government that needs to change or be voted out.

Yours faithfully,
Mike Archer

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