No telephone or internet services at back of Britannia since July 24

Dear Editor,

Thank you for permitting me space in your newspaper to highlight a burning issue that occurred due to the incompetence of the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co.

We, the residents of the western half of the back street at Britannia, West Coast Berbice, have been without telephone services since July 24th.

I made a call on the 25th of July and was promised that assistance was on its way. Several other residents in the area also made subsequent calls.

After a few days of waiting, I called back only to be informed by the robotic operators that engineers were on their way. Several follow-up calls were made and the same lies and promises were made.

Another resident spoke to the supervisor in Georgetown who indicated that they were unaware of such a problem and again promised to get it fixed. The manager in New Amsterdam, Mr Cummings, was further contacted and he referred us to the supervisor, Mr Linton, who to my surprise told me he did not know of such a problem. He too promised to look into it.

Editor, it has been 18 days since we have been without telephone and internet services, and all we are getting is lies and promises and people denying knowledge of the problem.

For all this time I’ve have not had the internet services which I have paid for. Who is going to compensate me for my loss? In this modern age of technology, is this the service we deserve?

I hope that by publishing this letter, those who don’t know will know now about the problem. We are fed up with lies and promises.

Yours faithfully,
Javed Ishmael

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