Dear Editor,
The 2013 CSEC numbers for Marian Academy are inspiring.  These results are so inspiring that I read them a second time, and then allowed a slight smile.

Marian registered an overall pass rate (Grades 1-3) of 95.75 per cent in subjects taken.  Participating students compiled an impressive 100 per cent success rate in 17 different subject disciplines, including the coveted English A and Add Maths.  In Pure Mathematics the pass rate was an astounding 98 per cent.  Cumulatively, these numbers speak to a combination of aptitude, dedication, and sterling effort.  The key being unflagging effort from students who brought many gifts to bear.  A small handful is now recognized.

There is Ms Mangra (the quiet superstar), all 1’s and distinctions to make the head spin; Ms Low all 1’s too and right up there; Nicholas (who said he couldn’t write), then proving himself wrong; Lopes the student athlete getting it done; and Faithe and Kevin and Tisel and Nutana, among the others who gave of themselves and responded when asked to give just a little bit more.

Credit is also due to that formidable Jamaican presence; to the contributory elements of the by now fabled Catholic school education regime; and to the belief that there are those who will rise beyond their potential.  And their anxieties too.  This came through the affording of opportunity and seizing the moment for all it is worth.  All of us can learn.  I did.

After all the prodding and cajoling (and warning) this is a great and blessed day at Marian Academy.  There is much comfort in the character demonstrated, in the results harvested.  A road ends, others begin and beckon.

Marian Academy now sends its sons and daughters forward.  To dream.  To learn.  To grow.  And to give.  I believe that society will be well served, whether here or elsewhere by these Marian ambassadors.  I feel privileged to have had a minor part of these individual stories, this one great story.
Congratulations to all, especially overachievers, stalwart performers, and this broad band of the promised future.
Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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