Dear Editor,

The AFC is on record as fighting for politicians and political parties to rise above self-interest.
The leader Mr Khemraj Ramjattan had made public the intention to seek help from foreign countries for solutions to Guyana’s problem.

And that was done, and the government was supported for the Amaila Falls Hydropower project to be realized.

Now, the AFC Chairman Mr Nigel Hughes has found himself in a no-win situation. He acknowledged he was guilty of conflict of interest, saying “my time in politics has been brief and is now over.” Is this an expression of remorse?

I do not know Nigel Hughes personally. I went to his law office when I was a salesman and he bought from me a CD. His down-to-earth style in expressing his views on matters affecting the poor and powerless gained my attention.

But the violation of principle is a serious offence, especially when you are expected not to do it.
The best form of leadership is leadership by example and Nigel Hughes is prepared for the consequence as stated by him. May he continue the fight for the poor to have a good life.

Yours faithfully,
Lennox A Whyte

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