Dear Editor,

I would be very grateful if you publish the following in response to a blogger and others of his ilk who might feel that his assertions have any accuracy.

For the CADVA conference in Guyana last August, I paid my own airfare, took care of my own accommodation at a relative at Better Hope and then at my parents’ home at Alness Village in Berbice and at my niece’s home at No 48 Village, Berbice; paid my own ground transportation both in the US and in Guyana and took care of all my personal expenses while in Guyana.

At no time did I receive any kind of hospitality from anybody, except my from relatives at Better Hope and in Berbice.

There was no ‘VIP’ treatment accorded anyone, and, in fact, there was no governmental or opposition involvement in the conference, no official NGO collaboration and certainly no hospitality offered by any member of the nouveau riche or local businesses, except for Imam Bacchus, who provided a venue and lunch for the Essequibo outreach.

Yours faithfully,
Annan Boodram

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